The problem with an about page is that life is an ever-changing journey through time. I’m now further along in the journey and there are many thing about me that have changed. New jobs, new interests, new residences, new outlooks, new information, etc. It’s not really important for me to go into detail, but the point is that things have changed. I don’t even have the same email anymore!

I rarely update this blog anymore but it isn’t because I don’t love it! It’s simply that I’m lazy and it is so easy to copy and paste links with minimal commentary on sites like twitter (twitter.com/tkmlac) and facebook. Anyway, that’s about it. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


I can edit this site so my readers know where I’m coming from. Hmmm. Where am I coming from?  Nestled in the foothills of the Sierras is a little town called Placerville.  The town’s claim to fame is it’s rich gold-rush history.  Eight miles from Coloma, the Gold Discovery site, Placerville came to hold the El Dorado County seat some years back.  I’ve lived here for six years at the time of this writing and have been continuously bored.  Three stoplights on the middle of Highway Fifty make for frustration and dissent, but otherwise it’s a sleepy town.

An hour away from Tahoe, fortunately, but who has the gas money to visit often?  The closest we get is sludgy Jenkinson Lake in Sly Park.  It’s drinking water, so the county wanted to prevent people from swimming, but they were still going to let the boats run.  It’s hard to get in after seeing people drive their mufflers into the water to unload their speed boats.  I would rather swim in Happy Valley or The Tubs.  You won’t know those places if you’re not from around here.

I’m a Democrat.  So that’s part of where I’m coming from.  I am mired in the middle of Young Republicans of America country and I tell you the truth, it is disgusting.  I’m told all the time that people don’t believe in Global Warming.  Things like racism aren’t addressed here.  Of course, there’s almost no non-white people here.  It’s easy for these people to believe that civil rights have come along way because they don’t have to see any different.  Not believing in Jesus is like a slap on the face and the local newspaper is titled “The Mountain Democrat,” named at a time when Democrat meant white, southern confederate.  I don’t know what I may have done in a past life to deserve this…

Anyway, I invite all to comment, even if you disagree.  I won’t be like the neocons and not listen to anything anyone has to say.  But I will let you know if you are way off the mark.  I love a good debate, so make it worth it.  Some of my favorite topics are the environment, health care, civil rights, history, animals, Consumers of Services (I work in the field), politics, sociology, anthropology and much more.  Plus, any interesting thing that I find throughout this thing called life.  That’s about it.



  1. beanpole Said:

    WOW you really dont like pville. Well you forgot about the towns history of hanging people and it received the name hangtown. Yes ladies and gentlemen thats a true story. Pville even has a shity bar named after it. hehe anyways you have folsom and el dorado hills.

  2. lunawolf Said:

    eeeek! I’ve been staying in El Dorado Hills since April and it sucks!!! It’s like living in yuppyville! I actually miss the woods now! When I wrote this, I hadn’t moved down here yet, nor did I ever think in my life I would come even close to living here! You know about the asbestos conspiracy to keep housing prices up, right? Residents and city officials kept the high levels a secret so people would move here. My dad works for Pondo HS and he said the Bruins should wear face masks when they have a game against Coak Ridge HS. Lol! That would show ’em!
    But Folsom is a little better. At least they have the markets. I think if I could live anywhere, (in Cali) it would probably be South Lake Tahoe. But Chris wouldn’t come with me, so it would have to be Freemont.

  3. Fremont. Please. Nothing is free there.

  4. lunawolf Said:

    Well, ex-cyooooose me! My bad.
    Nothing is free in South Lake, either. And I don’t know about the snow.

    So I guess both are out.
    How about Placerville for now? I hear it’s nice this time of year!

  5. So’s Tokyo. Or London. Or Rekjavik.

  6. lunawolf Said:

    Well, yeah. They’re not in California. I was naming places in California I would live. I would actually like to live near a little college town about 45 minutes from here, now that I think about it. It’s called Davis, ever heard of it? 😉

  7. No. Is it near Berkeley?

  8. lunawolf Said:

    Ha ha ha.

  9. Bohnenstange Said:

    I think chris would be happy at stanford personally. Hows that for close to home?

  10. lunawolf Said:

    I guess you’ll have to ask him about that. I think he’s happy at UCD.

  11. Stanford?! Please. Bunch of f$@#ing preps.

    Plus, let’s not forget that the Ags keep consistently kicking their asses in football.

  12. Bohnenstange Said:

    GO AGGIES!!!

  13. lunawolf Said:

    Yeah babe! They’re gonna kick ass tomorrow at their purty new field. 🙂
    Ok, stadium, not field. Thirty thousand seats, you know. And two for us. Yipeee!

  14. Bohnenstange Said:

    Have fun!!! I’ll be cheering down here.

  15. You take down your ecto blog, babe?

  16. lunawolf Said:


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